Skinny Pizza: What a Crack!

My friend was insisted to visit Skinny Pizza at Suntec City after I told her about their famous truffle fries. We were placed at the waiting list; a result of the usual crowd during a rainy Sunday night. Despite the popularity, the spaces available remained small, but still cosy enough for us to sit and enjoy the vintage decor.

The truffle fries was fried with truffle oil, giving a nice aroma of truffles. The waitress told us to consume it without any dips, as the fries on itself has uniquely flavoured.

As for their name, the pizzas here are really "skinny", with crisp crusts that gives a loud crack and crushed a little when you cut it. All pizzas are served with mounted arugula leaves. The three of us had 2 pizzas to be shared, as one portion of the overly thin pizzas are not enough for us. The above picture is the Grilled Salami Pizza. Instead of grounded, they're using fresh basil here. I like the idea of using some pine nuts to accompany the salami (extra crunch!).

I like the Chorizo Almond Pizza better, the combination of almonds, olives and smoked chorizo was just wonderful.

This one is the other unique items on their menu: Savoury Ice Cream! There are three flavours available: Parmesan Pecan, Mexican Chili and Truffle Mushroom. Parmesan pecan sounded a normal but chili and mushroom? As we've been curious about their tastes, we decided to try the truffle mushroom ice cream. The first bite reminded me about creamy mushroom soup eaten straight from the fridge. After taking a couple bite, I couldn't take it anymore. Two scoops of that was too much, I think. 

Other than that, we also tried their spanish donuts (churros) that came with a coconut flavoured chocolate dip. The dough was very soft, slightly crunchy on the outside and not too chewy like a normal donut.

Overall, it was a nice meal for those who like their pizza light and enjoy some cold "mushroom soup"! ;)

Skinny Pizza
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-006 Suntec City Galleria
Tel: +65 6333 9774

Tea Cosy

Long ago had I noticed the evolution of this store. Eclectic Attic used to be a furniture shop; selling antique furniture and house decorations, as well as serving some hot drinks and some light bites for the visitors. It has given a name for the cafe recently: Tea Cosy, as apparently, more people came for the tea than the furniture. They sell less furniture now; the items consisted of mainly statues and porcelains. I passed the shop the other day and saw the high tea promotion they advertised on the entrance. I decided to give it a shot.

The set consisted of two-tire assorted mini cakes and two drinks. They have a tiny menu and very short drink list. Besides coffee and tea, there’s very few left for you to choose.

Sacher torte, a chocolate cake originated from Austria; consisted of two layers sponge cake and thin layer of apricot jam and dark chocolate icing. The yellow one is the mango cake; mango cream sandwiched between sponge cakes with mango icing.

On the back is tiramisu with a strong taste of coffee and hardly contains any alcohol. The other two are carrot cake with cream cheese icing and a chocolate brownie with nuts.

Overall, it tastes ok, but doesn’t worth the price. Also, the service is very slow as there are only a couple of waitress serving the customers, both on foods and the antique stuffs.

Tea Cosy by Eclectic Attic
#05-10 Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Tel: 6732 7356

Toast: Chocolate Temptations

As the title has told you, this post is all about chocolate. I was having this crave for something chocolately, bitter sweet, whether it's rich or light would do. As I knew that I could get to choose from various sweet treats at Toast, I headed there since we're in Ngee Ann City already.

First up, is the chocolate truffle cake. Thin layers of chocolate sponge cake altered between dark chocolate mousses. The mousse is dense but smooths enough, with a rich flavor of chocolate. I shared this with my friend as I’m sure, even a chocoholic like me can’t finish them up at one go.

I was fooled by this petite chocolate tart. The chocolate ganache seemed very thin and resembles nothing but a light companion to the crust. It is indeed, can satisfy my craving after the first bite of it. After eating both of them in turns, we left some over. It was good though, paired with the bitter coffee, but I need to remember not to order more than a piece next time.

391 Orchard road
#02-11 Ngee Ann city
Tel: 6733 8489

Best Chinese Foods in Sixth Ave

During the lazy days, sometimes I just don’t know where to eat. These are the time where I’ll go to this place for dinner. Located in the Sixth Avenue hawker centre, the place is not fancy at all but they do serve a good deal of Chinese foods. They open from the evening, which I’m glad of, as it’s on the open space with no air-conds.

Fish is undoubtedly my favourite. I include them on most of the mains I eat. This time I opted for some ginger fish. It has a subtle flavour of ginger and strong taste of onions in the well cooked fish.

We also share some yang chou fried rice. This was supposed to be the smallest portion but I think it could feed up to three people. The fragrant rice is neither too firm nor sticky; it’s just perfect in my opinion.

Kung Pao chicken (stir fried chicken with dried chillies), is one of the items that most of us can’t pass in the menu. The dish is delicately paired with some cashew nuts to balance the spiciness from the chillies. The chicken cubes are tender and flavourful in the gravy with the right amount of saltiness, unlike the most commercial Chinese dishes.

For around $25, I dine through the dishes above. I honestly can’t quite believe my eyes when I first saw the bill. I mean, the foods are great! No questions about it, I came back there frequently. ;)

Xuan Restaurant
Good Good Eating House @ Six Avenue

Marmalade Pantry: the two best desserts

Despite being great on serving mains, Marmalade Pantry’s scrumptious desserts never failed to impress me. The simple menu- white sheets on a clipboard, doesn’t guarantee a boring list. Nestled in the middle of a deserted shopping mall, this contemporary restaurant has always been crammed, with executives as their main clients. The place is undeniably comfortable, I could sit there for hours, drink my cup of coffee and catching up with my girls over desserts.

I was torn between ordering something sour, like their mouth-watering lemon pie, or the banoffee pie. After all, my tongue was calling for that banana, toffee and thin layer of creams over the sweet tart base. It land in my table gorgeously. Originated from the UK, this Simple, yet lip-smacking dessert has become one of my favourite. Banana, dulce de leche and tart complement each other very well, making it irresistible.

The house specialty is the sticky date pudding. No doubt about it, I was ordering one too. Though I had encountered a couple of experiences in this pudding, it still wowed me to this moment. The gooey warm cake is smooth and moist, perfectly accompanied by a scoop of smooth vanilla beans ice cream and butterscotch sauce.

For the same amount of money I paid this time, you can get a lunch for two at a pretty decent place. A tad too expensive for desserts in my opinion, but the feeling you’ll get is incomparable. It makes a brilliant choice for a lazy Sunday afternoon or after a special dinner.

Marmalade Pantry
390 Orchard road
#B1-08 Palais Renaissance
Tel: 6734 2700

Garuda: Authentic Padang Cuisine

Padang is a city in Indonesia which is mostly famous for their foods. While very common to be found in our country, it's a little surprising that people in Singapore are becoming their fans too. Lot's of Indonesian restaurants here have adopted Padang foods. One of them is Garuda.

Here, you can opted to choose your meal right away from the foods displayed in the see-through bar counter, the way this kind of eatery traditionally worked. Or, you can choose from the menu instead for more choices. Most of the foods are spicy, so you might want to ask the waitress for the level of spiciness in the dish.

Terong balado, sauteed eggplant with chilies. I'm not an eggplant eater, but it does look good.

Beef rendang is a must; the beef are slow-cooked so that the meat can absorb the spices throughoutly.

This Chicken with green chilies is my favourite. Tender chicken with sweet and sour chili, best eaten with the rice.

This is a veggie dish made from the leaves of singkong (cassava). This only can be found in Padang restaurant, my other favourite.

Some of you might never heard lungs being eaten, but this crispy cow's lungs are great. I never knew it was lungs back then, until my mom told me. Still, I ate them. It's very good when they're perfectly crisp.

For dessert, the one worth trying are their young whole coconut and chendol. That day I can't take any more, so we skipped them. One thing you need to watch out when eating this foods is their fats. Most of the them are cooked with coconut milk, which are high in colestrol. But for once in a while, I think it's perfectly fine. Good foods make you happy. ;)

15 Cairnhill Road
#02-01 Cairnhill Place
Singapore 229650
Tel: 67354111

Mini Glazed Sponge Cakes

These little babies are seasonal. First time I found them in Takashimaya, but apparently it was a temporary stall. Another time, I saw it in Isetan. It turn out that they're always appearing in those Japanese food fairs, where people sells sweet Japanese stuffs which has cute shapes. The sponge cake is very soft and light, with small sweet toppings, they made a really good tea time snack. And, how cute it is that they came in bite sizes! Japanese food arts are so popular these days. They're so creative when it comes to foods; the colour, the shape, the flavour.. The other day, I saw some square watermelons in the supermarket. Again, Japanese invention. Oh what I'm talking about? I'm gonna go and eat these cakes with my cup of coffee. c ya!