Meet my Fellow Gingerbread Girl!

Weeks ago, it seemed like Christmas was just around the corner. Today it's finally here, brought some joy among us. Though I don't celebrate Christmas religiously, I do love the holiday. Bakeries everywhere are selling the festive's goodies, which makes me more excited. Sugar loaded cookies and baked goods are the best stuffs to boost happiness, am I right? This gingerbread girl that I've got from my bestfriend had passed away by now, rest in peace in my stomach. Don't blame her for being scrumptious, it's me who couldn't wait til the 25th to eat her. Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas!! =)

What's Cookin'?

Yeah, you heard me right, I cooked this for dinner: grilled salmon with warm spinach salads. What's more surprising is that it was so easy to be made. Maple glazed salmons are great when they're grilled and topped with some lemon-pepper sauce. I have used no recipe for it, just relying on my knowledge and some information I've read somewhere about grilling fish. For the warm spinach salad, I mixed some baby spinach, feta cheese and caramelized onions with olive oil and lemon dressings. When putted together, the pair was actually great!

Gusttimo di Roma

Hmm..Who doesn't love gelato? I do love 'em very much. If you think that this gelato has come from Italy, you're wrong. The concept itself came from there but this gelatteria is owned by a Korean guy who has mastered the art of making gelato. Picolo, the menu says, enable us to pick three different flavours to be served in a cup. Choosing them itself is a pretty hard decision to be made, for the double fridges displayed the most wonderful arrays of eye-catching gelatos. I had the combination of walnut, fruit of the forest and green tea yoghurt. Every cups are crowned with a cute little cone, standing adorably on top of the gelato mountain. I fell in love with every scoop of them: nutty walnuts, refreshing green tea yoghurt and sweet and sour berries. Each has gave different combinations that had me smiling. They're soo good. Go on and have some, and prove me right.

Gusttimo di Roma
Level 1 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #01-15/17
Tel: 6509-9380