Meet my Fellow Gingerbread Girl!

Weeks ago, it seemed like Christmas was just around the corner. Today it's finally here, brought some joy among us. Though I don't celebrate Christmas religiously, I do love the holiday. Bakeries everywhere are selling the festive's goodies, which makes me more excited. Sugar loaded cookies and baked goods are the best stuffs to boost happiness, am I right? This gingerbread girl that I've got from my bestfriend had passed away by now, rest in peace in my stomach. Don't blame her for being scrumptious, it's me who couldn't wait til the 25th to eat her. Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas!! =)


Anonymous said...

merry christmas too.knew it was to late,just check out your blog's after long holiday.happy new year folks

Zara said...

my, you've been doing a lot of food experimenting this holiday season! im really enjoying reading everything :)
and ure lactose intolerant??? :O thats terrible!

Anonymous said...

What is lactose intolerant??

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